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Sam Shade ~ A Really Big Show!

Social Worker Kitty Kindly talks to orphans as Thelma Typefast and Sallie Socialite look on

Social Worker Kitty Kindly talks to orphans as Thelma Typefast and Sallie Socialite look on

Well, for FFP, anyway, it is indeed a big operation! With a cast of 31, eight musical numbers, the Broadway Wannabes play within a play, a four-piece band, two venues, five performances, and everyone’s busy schedules, it’s a tall order!

It’s Christmas Eve, 1933, and Sam Shade and the Case of the True Meaning of Christmas is taking its “jumpin’ jazzy caper” to the Pilot Point Opera House, and then to the Global Spheres Center in Corinth (Texas). This is the biggest, best Sam Shade yet, and the show’s public debut, smaller versions having been previously put on by several private homeschool and church groups. A longer script, more characters, more songs — Sam has really grown up!

Mario practices his "O Sole Mio"

Mario practices his “O Sole Mio”

This is FFP’s third public production and our first time in Pilot Point (TX). Everyone is excited about opening the show in the historic opera house! Not only does the cast get a “real stage” with a “real curtain,” they get to learn to ad lib when the train comes through town! Yes, the opera house just happens to be very close to the train tracks. This will be an interesting experience for these kids. (And their directors!)

But Sam is a snazzy, jazzy, show and we aim to have a whole lot of family-friendly fun with the cast and the audiences! So, grab your hats and coats, load up the kids and the grandparents, and the friends and the neighbors, and anyone who enjoys some good holiday entertainment, and come get in on the action! In both Corinth and Pilot Point!

Gangsters Moe & Joe

Gangsters Moe & Joe

We’ll all have a great time!

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