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Sam Shade Fills the Pilot Point Opera House!

A Real “Step Up” for FFP!

Kitty Kindly last song all cast PP“Somethin’s Up,” sang the cast. They were up. They climbed the steps to look down from a nice, big stage with a real curtain! Wow! What fun!

Tuesday, December 17, at 7 pm, the 4-piece band cranked up and Sam Shade and The Case of the True Meaning of Christmas opened to a full house. The cast and the parents and FFP were all excited, the Opera House board was thrilled, the audience was lively and responsive, and everyone had a great time! Sam Shade was a hit in Pilot Point. What a way to end 2013 ~ a year with our second and third public productions, two great new venues, two big casts, our first matinee, and a new (as of September) Facebook fan page. Our four performances at Global Spheres Center also went very well!

“Want Us to Ice Someone, Boss?”

“Want us to ice someone, Boss?” yelled gangster Moe as he pulled out his little pistol and everyone’s hands flew up. That was funny, but the Big Boss really did “ice us” here in North Texas ~ very early in the year ~ with a major ice storm that lasted almost a week, cancelled several strategic opportunities for advertising the play, and wreaked havoc on our dress rehearsal schedule. Other area events were cancelled and delayed, which then pitted us against one another the next week. But we were grateful our performances weren’t iced out or “flued out” and that Sam Shade triumphed over numerous obstacles. We were blessed.

A New Face on Facebook

In September, we launched our new, business Facebook fan page. Click our FB microphone icon at the top of our website sidebar and see lots of pictures from Sam Shade. Click our “Follow” button and give us a Like! And subscribe to our website emails ~ they only arrive when there is genuine news, and emails are kept private. The new Facebook page is one reason there aren’t any blogs for December. Our new “toy” kept us busy. But we’ll be blogging again soon, so keep up with both!