Acting and the Computer Animator

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One of our longtime (since 3rd grade) actors has turned his interest in art and cartooning into a $40,000 DreamWorks scholarship at the Ringling College of Art and Design. (He’s a homeschooler.)

Hunter as Black Bart in “Not Exactly How the West Was Won”

Hunter will be playing the role of William Macbeth, Senior, Esquire in our current production of A Shakespearean Tale before he heads off to start his freshman year in Computer Animation at Ringling in Sarasota, Florida. Hunter was Black Bart in our production of Not Exactly How the West Was Won a few years ago.

The Ringling College was founded in 1931 by John Ringling, noted art collector, real estate developer and circus impresario. Just getting accepted into the Computer Animation program is very difficult. Here’s a quote from the Ringling website:

The Computer Animation program at Ringling College of Art and Design is ranked #1 in North America by 3D World magazine for the second year in a row! 3D World is an international magazine for 3D artists.

In Ringling College of Art and Design’s deep and specialized four-year Computer Animation degree program, you will develop skills in modeling, lighting, motion and sound – while learning how to tell a story. At the same time, you will gain command of the technical skills required in today’s highly competitive animation industry.

Talking to Hunter and his mom, we were told that one of the recommendations for Ringling Computer Animation students is to take an acting class! In fact, Ringling highly recommends that their computer animation students take an acting class there at Ringling. Notice that “actor” is listed in the skill set of computer animators on the Ringling site:

Artist, animator, actor, storyteller, modeler, lighting director, set designer, costumer, sound designer and film director – you will use all of these skills and more.

Acting is a skill of communication, storytelling, persuasion, and entertainment that is necessary to many disciplines.

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