Big Dad Jake Two-Song Details Page


Starvin’ Marvin Blues Sample


Just A Dreamer Sample


Script and songs by S. A. Cranfill         Copyright 2012 by Family Friendly Productions LLC

DESCRIPTION – Musical Comedy  (Two-Songs)

Features Joseph (with support from his brothers) singing the Broadway-style Just a Dreamer, and a hip version of Pharaoh (with support from Joseph and the brothers) delivering the rockin’ Starvin’ Marvin Blues. The script features some additional lines.

It’s sometime around the 18th Century BC and there’s about to be a famine in Egypt and the Land of Canaan. Big Dad Jake ends up with family problems as well as food problems. Six of his 12 sons take the lead in recounting their adventure, one of them being the favored and soon-to-be-famous Joseph who has his own unusual encounter with a rather unconventional Pharaoh. God is plannin’ famine, Joseph’s got the news, and everyone else is singin’ the Starvin’ Marvin Blues. So what’s Pharaoh going to do about it? What’s going to happen to Big Dad Jake and the boys? And who in the world is Marvin?!!

This is indeed the unconventional version that keeps the audience a little off balance over an otherwise well-known story with an important message. It’s fun! It’s whacky! It’s a little crazy. It’s an opportunity to do some creative costuming.

It’s a great short play for the younger or older crowd. Any mix of guys and gals can play these roles with some costuming. Our first Joseph was a 10-year-old girl and she was wonderful.



GROUP/AUDIENCE SUGGESTION:  Church youth groups, homeschool groups, Jewish groups or schools, private schools, private organizations, Christian schools, perhaps some public schools or various theater or community groups. Basic Old Testament story with general reference to God.

 AGE RANGE:  We suggest 9 to 18 but even college students or adults could have fun with this.

CAST SIZE:  Anywhere from 7 to 18 cast members, guys and/or girls.

PRICE ESTIMATE:  About $45 for a one-performance production. Actual prices on Shopping Page.

PERMISSIONS:  To accommodate a smaller cast, Gad may be eliminated and lines either taken out or redistributed, depending on how each line affects the context of the story. Marvin may be doubled by one of Jacob’s sons.

Add up to 6 of the additional brothers as extras who can join in on common lines, the “dream demonstration,” and the songs. A line (or few) of introduction to them may be added. If you have 2 or 3 more individuals you wish to play additional smaller roles, you may cast them as the caravan traders who snatch up Joseph. They could also take part in the “dream demonstration” and even the second song (Starvin’ Marvin Blues) along with the brothers.

LENGTH:  About 30 to 40 minutes, depending on size of cast and pace of play.

SCENERY & PROPS:  Scenery optional. Props minimal and simple.

SONGS:  Two songs.

Lead sheets available with chords and chord chart.

4 MP3 files:  Vocal rehearsal and instrumental accompaniment tracks.


  • Keyboard:  could handle this alone or with other instruments.
  • Guitar:  rhythm guitar could handle this alone or with other instruments.
  • Drums:  would add a great deal on the songs as well as whacky sound effects.
  • Kazoos:  from 5 to 11 needed for however many brothers are in your production.
  • SFX: find a classic cartoon siren-whistle effect online

DIRECTOR’S SCRIPT & NOTES:  Includes cast profiles and costume suggestions; some set, prop, and staging suggestions and production notes.

ACTOR’S SCRIPT:  For actors and technical crew.

COPYING FEE:  This fee is required and allows you to make the copies you need of all your rehearsal materials.