Make Your Own Kind of Music!

Live Music Productions by FFPWe’re prejudiced. We like live music.

Not just because we’re musicians, but because there’s nothing like live music and musicians “on the spot” to inspire a performer and enliven an audience.

It makes the director happy because the performance is adjustable in so many ways: the musicians can follow the singers, the music can be dialed back for weaker singers or tender moments, and the musicians can adjust the scene-changing music to whatever reality presents itself, and so on.

Every production we have ever done, wherever we’ve been, has been with our own varying combinations of guitar, keyboard, drums, and bass players. And sometimes trumpet, violin, banjo, or fiddle players. They’ve always managed to be available, either within our own group, or closely associated.

The music in this summer’s A Shakespearean Tale will be live, complete with fiddle.

It’s a great experience for the singers to get to perform with a live band. And it certainly does a lot for the audience!

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