Radio Kids Vocal Sample

Script and song by S.A. Cranfill © Family Friendly Productions LLC

DESCRIPTION – Radio Play within a Play Comedy (1 Short Song, a Radio Jingle)

The Radio Kids are the stars of the Saturday evening family hour, a locally produced show on KTIQ, a small-town radio station in 1940. They do a show each week. Normally they are able to preview the script and do a run-through of the play. Tonight, the scripts are late and the announcer is anxious, but coping. The script for this week is a mystery, which pleases the Kids. One of the co-stars, Little Laura Lee, has lost her little sister, and both her fear and her little sister show up in the play, on air and off, wreaking a bit of havoc for the announcer and fun for your audience (not the “radio audience”). What happens when you “wreck” Adam and Eve on a raft? And, just what is the “clump”? Will we ever find out?



GROUP/AUDIENCE SUGGESTION: Public schools, private schools, homeschool groups, church youth groups, private organizations, various theater or community groups.

AGE RANGE: We suggest 9 to 15, especially upper elementary and middle school, but even high school, college students, or adults could have fun pretending to be child radio actors.

CAST SIZE: Minimum: 13 with some doubling. Maximum: 16.

Minimum 3 guys and 10 girls.

PRICE ESTIMATE: About $40 total for a one-performance production. Actual prices on Shopping Page.

PERMISSIONS: You may use 5 males and 10 females plus a SFX person for a cast total of 16. Or you may have one or more of the cast members double as the advertisers (Bob and Bud) and/or the SFX person. You may personalize this script with the name of your group’s city or town in association with the radio station. Handle the SFX however you wish, and feel free to add a few more.

Customize for 5 guys, 8 girls in basic minimum cast. Specific line changes are listed on the Director’s Script.

An instrumental track is available, but if you have your own musician(s) [and we hope you do!], the song key may be changed to fit your singers and musician(s).

SCENERY & PROPS: Scenery not necessary. SFX table, stand-up mics, a few kid-sized chairs, a few old magazines, pocket watch. Several “props” are mimed. Details on Director’s Script.

SONGS: One short song, a show jingle for The Radio Kids.

Lead sheet available with chords.

Two MP3 files: Vocal rehearsal and instrumental accompaniment tracks.


  • Keyboard: could handle this alone or with other instruments.
  • Guitar: rhythm guitar could handle this alone or with other instruments.

DIRECTOR’S SCRIPT & NOTES: Includes cast profiles and costume suggestions; some set, prop, and staging suggestions and production notes.

ACTOR’S SCRIPT: For actors and technical crew.

COPYING FEE: This fee is required and allows you to make the copies you need of all your rehearsal materials. It will be included in your script package.

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