Opening Night a Success!

The opening night of the world premiere of A Shakespearean Tale was a great success! (According to us and everyone involved!)

As this is our first paid, public production with more than one show — in contrast to our years of one-show, homeschool-drama-class productions — this was our first “Opening Night”! We’ll go at it again tonight (Friday), and Saturday, July 21, 2012, will be our first “Closing Night.” It’s a whole new wonderful and exhausting experience.

The whole cast did a great job! Scenes, lines, and songs went remarkably well. Acting was expressive. The head mics worked. The batteries held out! Everyone worked together and helped one another. Drama is the ultimate team sport. (We’ll blog more on that later.)

The venue is relatively small, but we had a packed house and were thrilled about it. And the audience learned a little Shakespeare, realized how often they unknowingly quote Shakespeare, giggled, “aw-w-wed,” and laughed, and heard some great fiddle music by Denton-area musician George Merritt (with his wife Susan on the keyboard).

As soon as the curtain (we’ll blog about that curtain, too) closes Saturday, we’ll get back on the process of packaging A Shakespearean Tale for the website catalog!

As Will Surrey says, “C’mon along! You’re all welcome!”

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  • Renee B says:

    Thank you all for your hard work. The play was amazing. What is the plan for the next play? How can we get involved?

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