Privacy Policy

You provide personal or group information to this company only for:

•  the purpose of emailing, at your request, periodic notifications about Family Friendly Productions LLC (FFP) projects

•  licensing the rights to perform one of our scripts

•  purchasing one of our publications

Your information is not shared with any outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete an order. No information is sold or marketed. No information is used for any other than the above-mentioned purposes. It will not be released unless required by law or subpoena or by necessity to address a harmful or unlawful activity.

We exercise every reasonable precaution to protect that information. Any financial information necessary for a transaction is run through a well-known, reliable, reputable, and secure service. We do not see or collect financial information.

FFP is a family-owned and family-run company. We have an in-house, custom-designed website and a reputable website host. However, by using this site, you agree that FFP cannot be held responsible or liable for any damages whatsoever incurred in the use of this website or its materials.

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