Terms/FAQ & Permissions of Use

Terms & Permissions is not long and you really do need to read these!

If you have any questions or requests, please contact us at info@familyfriendlyproductions.com

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All original written or recorded material on this site is the property of Family Friendly Productions LLC (FFP).

By using this site, you agree that all materials copyrighted by FFP shall not be copied, duplicated, modified, published, loaned, or sold, or otherwise redistributed except as expressly allowed in a properly completed licensing agreement, or as expressly allowed as explained in these Terms & Permissions.


MP3 files or CDs may be copied and shared only with those in the cast who need them for rehearsal. They are not to be shared further.

You are allowed to arrange songs to fit your singers and musicians, including keys, intros, and endings.


No printed material may be published on the internet or elsewhere.

Purchased scripts are to be printed off and copies made for cast and crew. Do not email scripts.


A royalty must be paid for each performance, regardless of whether the performance is paid or free, public or private, for profit or non-profit or charity. Each script has its own fees for first and additional performances.

Any production involving more than 6 performances and/or expecting more than $6,000 in ticket sales must be negotiated in writing.


It is standard industry procedure to pay a fee for each script ordered, one for each speaking cast member, the director, and any crew member who needs a script. Some publishers – and we have gone this route – allow a copying fee to cover the photocopying of a script to fit your needs for that production. In our case, the same fee allows copying of the CD or MP3 files and other rehearsal materials, for participants only, not to be shared further.

We have carefully measured the market to keep our fees reasonable and as affordable as possible.

The Copying Fee is required, and will be bundled into your script price. It allows you to print off scripts and make appropriate copies. Do not email scripts.


Any video of a production of one of our scripts is for personal use only. Videos may be shared with cast families and friends. Your production may be uploaded for 30 days after your final performance to a public or a private group site. It must be prominently labeled with your group’s name, the name of the play, the dates of performance, and Copyright FamilyFriendlyProductions.com.

If your production is recorded by a professional (or anyone) to be reproduced and distributed to parents or relatives of cast members, whether for free or for a fee, no copy may be sold or otherwise redistributed to anyone other than people directly connected with your production of that script and their families and family friends. Each copy must carry the following notice:

This video recording is for personal use only and is not to be duplicated or resold.

Copyright owned by Family Friendly Productions LLC.


Digital products will be delivered immediately through links on the Thank You Page as well as an email sent to you after your order is completed. Generally, the links will be good for 48 hours and are restricted to one download. If any problem occurs, or if you have any questions, email FFP at info@familyfriendlyproductions.com.

Physical products, such as a CD, will be mailed promptly.


Once material has been licensed or purchased and delivered, there are no refunds.


By using this site, you agree to hold harmless FFP from any possible damages you might incur in using this site, or by connecting to any other site through this site. We have no control over third-party websites.

We make every effort to keep this site running smoothly, but cannot be responsible for events beyond our control.


If you have any problem with an order or transaction, please contact us immediately through info@familyfriendlyproductions.com.