Recording Songs from A Pirates’ Tale

Singing and Waiting for Your Cue!

Singing and Waiting for Your Cue!

As a number of our singers have discovered, recording is a discipline unto itself! It is not easy. It definitely is not the same as performing on stage!

There is no audience and no cast interaction and so there’s a lot of energy missing. The recording talent have to create their own energy. Plus, they need to do their best to sing with the full expression of their character while staring at the right spot on the microphone. They can’t make noise with their music/word sheets which they need to hold because metal music stands bounce sound.

Jackie & Kelsey await their turn while Taylor solos

Jackie & Kelsey await their turn while Taylor solos

We have to select the smallest number of performers possible to do all the songs, due to limits of microphones and studio size. And, we have to select the ones who can best “perform on command” and hold up under the pressure.

We do a “live” style recording because we don’t have the luxury of an expensive, professional sound studio. However, it gives the recordings a livelier feel — we can all hear and see each other, singers and musicians — it can be even more difficult to record with headphones. So, appreciate those professionals!

It can be tiring and tedious and a little nerve racking. One mistake by anyone and it’s “oops, do it again.” “And again!” But our kids have truly risen to the occasion, through a number of sessions over the past year. With no training or experience, at their young ages, these kids have done an amazing job, smiling all the way. We have all been pleased and impressed at their willingness and their attitudes. And they’ve worked together and supported each other with a generosity of spirit.

Our good friend Doug Raney does an amazing job with the kids. If you ever need a great guitar teacher, give him a call!

Doug Raney educates about singing into the mic

Doug Raney educates about singing into the mic

Our pirate guys — Brandon, Ben, Zach, and Isaac — did their Pirate King song. All but Zach were new to the process, but they all did a great job. Emily and Bekah came in to do Dindercella and the Dread Pirate Roberta. Taylor, Jackie, Josh, and Kyle pretended to be 16 orphans, and our three “experienced pros,” Jillian, Aly, and Kelsey, came in to do their Where’s the Man Who Will Rescue Me song, plus sing leads and backup for a number of others.

We should have gotten pictures of the whole crew, but it’s easy to overlook when under the pressure of getting the recordings done in the time allowed. Sorry, guys! However, they all have good pictures on previous posts.

And, we’ll add those songs to the FFP site as soon as we can!

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  • Ben says:

    It was a lot of fun. It was hard too, but I had a great experience. I had been desperate to do this for a while, I was envious of other people, and I prayed about it. Others may have discovered my singing voice, for the first time. I would be happy to do it again!

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